Commonly treated issues

There are a wide range of issues and conditions that I work with clients to overcome, using a range of treatment methods. Some of these issues and conditions are listed below. Click the button to get in touch, for an initial discussion about how I can help. 

If you need support with something not detailed, please do get in touch with me, and we can discuss your needs further.


 I work to rapidly overcome your issues using a combination of therapies; BLAST, psychotherapy, Neuro Linguistric Programming (NLP), EMDR, Sound therapy and Coaching to resolve your issue and live a happier and healthier life.

Carry on the good work back at home….
Using audio headsets and state of the art recording equipment and technology, so that where appropriate, I can provide my clients with high quality MP3 audio recordings which are sent directly to your mobile phone. My clients have access to professionally recorded audios that are sent as support to reinforce the powerful mindset work between sessions.

Face-to-face or via zoom

I help clients overcome their issues either face-to-face from my practice room, located in Danbury, Essex, or globally via Zoom. Find out more about me here.

More about The Blast technique

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder develops after a stressful event or an exceptionally threatening and serious trauma, the resulting symptoms are recurrent dreams, ‘triggers’ that set off memories and flashbacks, insomnia, depression, intense distress and a feeling of being unable to move on with your life as a result. People can suffer with this for years due to the memory of the triggering event not being processed correctly by the brain which is why time alone does not necessarily heal.
The BLAST Technique® (Bi-Lateral Analysis and Stimulation Treatment) actively moves and re-processes the memory into the right side of the brain, allowing the person to move on and experiencing a significant reduction of symptoms, resulting in an almost magical feeling of relief. As an advanced BLAST practitioner, BLAST is my ‘go to’ therapy for instant and rapid results when working with most people. Life happens but it doesn’t mean we have to live with it forever.

Weight loss and virtual gastric band

I run an extremely successful weight management clinic which uses the combined tools of the Virtual Gastric band technique* (if appropriate to you) as well as my highly successful weight management programme. I have discovered that using these techniques together creates powerful and long lasting change in relation to how my clients look at food, nutrition, exercise and their eating habits. My weight management system is a comprehensive system that creates powerful and long lasting change. The programme includes food aversions to ‘problem foods’ so that they no longer prominently feature in our clients lifestyle.

My overall aim for working with weight control is to enable you to develop new and long lasting positive eating habits and break free from the binge/ diet cycle that many people find themselves in. Food is to be enjoyed in moderation and regular eating habits developed so that days are not regarded as ‘bad’ or ‘good’.


You are stronger than any addiction that you created!

Freedom From Addictions!

I specialise in working with addictions and addictive behaviour. I work extensively with food and sugar addiction, alcohol and cocaine addiction and gambling. Addictions can often change form and people often change activity over the years, substituting one addiction to another in its place.

How It Works: In my Addiction sessions
you will discover:

What is really fuelling your behaviour. Addictions often stem from past trauma or vital needs not being identified and met which then creates the need for the artificial ‘high’ created by the addictive activity.

How to reprogramme your mind. I use a combination of BLAST/ EMDR trauma resolving techniques, psychotherapy, coaching techniques and hypnotherapy to help generate new behaviours.

How to cut your cravings. Relapse is a vital part of recovery and using our techniques, I show you how to manage and reduce cravings, making recovery easier.

How to stop your addictive behaviour for good.

Throughout this process you will learn the secrets to unlocking addiction and creating new strategies to make the most of your addiction free life. I do not use the 12 step programme but instead a unique treatment programme.

In my Addiction busting sessions:

• I identify the underlying cause to your addiction
• I use hypnotherapy to release the cause and modify the ‘triggers’
• I help to program your mind with hypnosis to help you overcome your addiction and cope with any cravings.

What you receive when you work with me:

• 1:1 sessions to identify and deal with your addiction.
• Audios to use at home that will help programme your mind to help overcome your addiction
• SOS text support service.
• A confidential email support service.


Access Your Inner Powers

Everyday life can be extremely stressful but it is how we deal with that stress that changes our perception of it.

Anxiety has a physical effect on the body and because mind and body are closely linked, a physical ailment can often be cured by dealing with whatever stresses a person is under. I have had clients who have suffered serious back pain which then ‘magically cleared up’ once the ‘root cause’ of the anxiety in their lives was addressed.

Anxiety can cause insomnia which then creates its own ‘cycle’ by running the body down even more physically as it tries to deal with the mental strains and stresses.

I provide hypnosis Mp3 audios and teach self hypnosis so that the good work is re-enforced between sessions and to aid mental relaxation prior to sleeping.

Let me help you

Whatever your issue, I can help you to resolve and move on from it. Get in touch with me to discuss how I can help you.