Virtual Gastric Band – Think yourself slim

  • 2 min read

 Without doubt, the majority of my clients see me for weight control and in particular the Virtual Gastric Band.

This is the hypnosis buzzword that has been everywhere in the last year and has pushed hypnotherapy back into the forefront of people’s minds with the success of the Virtual Gastric Band rivalling slimming club favourites such as Weight Watchers and Slimming World for eye catching success stories and achieving long lasting and rapid results.

The technique works by taking the client through the process of having a gastric band fitted under hypnosis. As the brain can’t differentiate between what is real and imagined under hypnosis, it responds as if the actual operation has taken place. The result is a significantly reduced appetite and the key ‘golden rules’ are introduced via hypnosis to ensure that new and improved eating habits replace the old ones over a period of 28 days (this is the time period needed to break and create a new habit).

I use the Virtual Gastric Band to jump start my weight control programme as it is a fantastic technique to get in the ‘zone’ and keep motivation levels high.  Ever wished that you didn’t have the desire to eat certain foods? How would life be different if you no longer HAD to eat that daily chocolate bar, or drink that glass of wine? Aversion therapy has a high success rate at eliminating these cravings so be careful what you wish for!

I have been practising this technique for over a year now and my top slimmer has lost 5 stone, proving that weight really is all in the mind!