Sound Baths

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I offer a range of different sound bath experiences, from small personal group bookings to public sound baths meditations.

If you would like to join us for a public soundbath event, please contact me today to secure your place. 

If you are interested in a home visit or unique private event then drop me a message to arrange a callback to arrange this. 

Crystal singing bowls resonate at 432 hertz the same as the human body and their vibrations can travel for up to a third of a mile away. The notes of the crystal bowls are tuned to specific vibrational frequencies (notes) found within the human body.

This means that when the sound moves through the atmosphere and touches us, it causes our cells to move in different directions at a different speed, in rhythm with the sound wave. This puts us in harmony with the sound wave.

The sound penetrates into our cells and re-balances them through oscillation and resonance. Hearing is not a prerequisite for benefiting from these healing properties.

Studies have shown that sound has a direct impact on the mental processes, muscles, nervous system, (heartbeat, pulse) digestive system and circulatory system. Alignment with the tones of the Singing Crystal Bowls is one of the most dynamic forms of sound healing found today.

Crystal Singing Bowls are used to address a variety of ailments. They have profound effects on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies where clients experience healing, relaxation and deep transcendental meditation.  

They have an ancient history that dates back to at least the seventh century A.D.; most scholars trace the origins of the bowls to their use in rituals and meditation in Tibetan Buddhism

Benefits of meditation sound baths 

~ Deep tissue healing, pain management & relief
~ Intense meditative states, heightened consciousness
~ Sleep enhancement, increased energy
~ Natural sense of balance, harmony & relaxation
~ Emotions are calmed, chakras are balanced 
~ The bowls’ soothing tones will hone in on your mental and physical ailments and help to diffuse them.