Stop smoking!

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Hypnotherapy is proven to be the most effective way to give up smoking!

If you have said to yourself “I want to stop smoking” then you have come to the right place.

Most people are amazed at how easy it is to become—and remain—a permanent non-smoker in just one easy Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy session.

Finally be free of smoking … with Stop Smoking Now Hypnotherapy. If this is something that you really want to do, using hypnotherapy you are at least five to fifteen times more likely to succeed than by willpower alone.

Improve your health
• You will reduce your risk of developing illness, disability or death caused by cancer, heart or lung disease.
• You will reduce your risk of gangrene or amputation caused by circulatory problems.
• You will protect the health of those around you by not exposing them to secondhand smoke.
• You will reduce the chances of your children suffering from asthma or glue ear.
• You will improve your fertility levels and your chance of a healthy pregnancy and baby.
• You will improve your breathing and general fitness.

Benefits of giving up

Giving up smoking is one of the best things you can do for your health no matter what your age – and you can start to notice the difference almost immediately!

  • After 20 minutesYour blood pressure and pulse rate fall. This is important because high blood pressure increases your chance of having a heart attack or stroke.
  • After 8 hours The level of carbon monoxide in your blood drops. Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that gets into your bloodstream when you smoke and makes it more difficult for your body to get all the oxygen it needs.
  • After 48 hours There is no more nicotine left in your body. Your taste and smell starts to improve and blood flows round your body more easily, reducing the risk of a coronary thrombosis (a blockage of the arteries or vessels leading to the heart).
  • After 72 hours Your breathing becomes easier and energy levels increase.
  • After two weeks Your circulation improves and you begin to feel fitter.

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy. One easy relaxing session that is around 2 hours long and costs £195 with a free top up audio if you feel you need it.

Stopping smoking is like getting a pay rise, as much as £2500 a year if you smoke 20 cigarettes a day!