Leading UK Hypnotherapist and anxiety specialist

Are you suffering from anxiety, burnout, trauma or overload? Is the mental load from juggling it all taking its toll? Or are you stuck in a rut of compulsive eating or drinking as a result and sick of the stop/ start cycle? I can help. From my Essex-based practice, I see people both in person and via zoom. 

I use a combination of therapies; BLAST, psychotherapy, Neuro Linguistric Programming (NLP), EMDR, Sound therapy and Coaching to resolve your issues and help you to live a happier and healthier life.

So, if you’re looking for a leading expert in the field of Hypnotherapy, look no further! Dedicated to getting great results, my passion is fuelled by my clients’ successes. I have trained with some of the leading training schools in the UK so you can expect the highest standards in the industry.

A bit about me

my practice

I am a practising trainer and hold CPD training days for other therapists, as well as hosting holistic and wellbeing workshops with Serene In Six. I'm an advanced BLAST practitioner and specialise in this technique.

My qualifications

I studied Hypnotherapy and NLP to Masters level with some of the leading training schools in the country: The Hummingbird Effect, London College of Clinical Hypnosis, The Warwickshire School of Hypnotherapy.

Professional interests

I hold additional CPD qualifications in Psycho Neuro Immunology, Insomnia & sleep disorders, Trauma & EMDR, Angelic Reiki and was trained by Sheila Granger, the UK's leading Virtual Gastric Band programme.

how i can help you

Have you lost your identity since becoming a parent? Do you struggle with the mental load and juggling it all? Or are you coping with the fallout of relationship breakdown and the stress of co-parenting? Maybe unwanted habits are creeping in and causing weight gain and sluggishness? Or perhaps you are finding yourself frequently ill and suffering from symptoms such as tiredness, memory loss, joint pain and episodes of dizziness or chest pain?

I specialise in helping people take control of their lives again and live happier and healthier lives as a result. We get one shot at this life so how are you choosing to spend it? Surviving or thriving?

To find out more, contact me to arrange a consultation.

Services I offer

Do you eat compulsively, drink excessively or use substances to self-medicate? I will help you to look at your life differently in order regain control and live your happiest and healthiest life possible.

Does overthinking ruin your life? Are you suffering with chest pains, frequent illness, stomach problems or unexplained symptoms? Our bodies display the effect of stress and our negative thinking by creating symptoms. I will help you to recognise what is really going on and overcome negative thinking patterns and overthinking so you can live a happier and healthier life.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) develops after a stressful event or an exceptionally threatening and serious trauma. As an advanced BLAST practitioner, BLAST is my ‘go to’ therapy for instant and rapid results when working with most people leading to almost magical results and instant relief from trauma and anxiety.

What people say

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Latest news

Here are some of my recent blog posts . My full blog archive, packed with news from my practice, useful insights and helpful resources can be accessed here.

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Let me help you

Whatever your issue, I can help you to resolve and move on from it. Get in touch with me to discuss how I can help you.